“Finally Finishing Out The Letter G. When Grief Is Present.”

Good Day and Happy Tuesday.   I am a little embarrassed to say, I was trying to post this article over a week ago and life just kept getting in the way.  Nothing bad, just lock, stock and barrel, busy like the rest of us.  But today’s emotion, is not one that I want to take lightly.  I have found all those emotion’s that start with the letter G, are impactful works of art and Grief is no exception.

In fact, when I asked for suggestions from readers of what to write on, Grief came more more than once.  So, without further adieu, let’s begin with compassion and conscientiousness for those that live with the presence of Grief on a daily basis.

Grief (according to Google), is defined as “deep sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death.”  Or, “trouble, annoyance.”  That second rendition of Grief, seems like a very different definition to me would you agree?   Annoyances are very adaptable.  You can usually roll with the punches and remove yourself from an annoyance or troublesome situation, pretty easily.  If you are willing to make change in some fashion, an annoying situation causing you grief, can easily be transformed.  Life goes on and you find ways to remove trouble from your daily table.

I have to first say, the losses I have experienced in my close circle have progressively been very normal.  Grandparents.  Uncles.  (although my Uncle committed suicide when I was very young so that impact was “different.”  The experience was not much more than a child hood memory because I never really got to experience him as an adult.  I was 12 when it happened so the grief I experienced was yet to be processed until I was further conditioned.  I just remember it HURT Really Badly and I cried so hard, everything else is blocked out.  Then,  I moved on.

What I have experienced are VERY close family and friendships who have lost loved one’s early on, and under very unexpected circumstances.  I have seen the grief in their eyes and my heart leaps into my throat even thinking of them and their difficulty.  There is no way I could imagine losing a child, parent or a spouse, at any point in my life, but I well KNOW it can, and eventually will happen.  With that kind of impaling Grief, the thought on how to survive, is unmeasurable.  That kind of Grief, will never completely go away.  And, the adaptability factor that a mere “annoyance” would require in comparison to the loss of a child, is peanuts I am sure.  Just thinking about how in the world Google categorized the definitions alone, blows my mind!

So, instead of trying to write this huge blog on what it feels to have Grief in your life, what I would rather do, is tell you what I see, from the outside.  I see men and women, take the time to process soooooooo many emotions and work them into a work of art.  It reminds me how natural diamonds are formed.  With the right light, a great piece of the ‘rock’  will trigger a spectrum of color which you cannot see anywhere else on Earth.


The change of light inside of a diamond, (like emotion) is fast, unpredictable and highly regarded.

The geological formation of the diamond, allows this precious jewel to withstand crushing pressure.  The term “diamond”, comes from the greek language and typically means, (are you ready for this?)…..proper, unalterable, unbreakable.  I am sure however, are those in the midst of great grief and loss, that would beg to differ, but this is truth.

You are strong.

You are still here.

Many of you that have lost loved one’s through tragic circumstances hold a torch teaching survival to us all.  Know, you are seen as the most important jewel on Earth.  You are they,  that are withstanding enormous amounts of pressure and even over time, learning to smile again.

So many of you, are coming out of your pain and finding constructive ways to channel this deep emotional partnership with Grief, because we both know, Grief will never leave your life completely.  It just will not.

It begs us to ponder, why that is?  Why does the Grief like that, never quite leave? (although it can lessen her intensity when we embrace her which is intriguing)?   I can only guess Grief holds her place this to remind you that you ARE still live.   When we feel pain of any sort, it reminds us that we are alive and that our place in the spectrum of life is not quite over.

Many people who have lost loved ones, constantly wonder where their loved one’s when they cross over.  I think this can be answered clearly if , we can just imagine them returning back to the light.

They are like the diamonds that decided to release their prism back into the universe, and like you are, they are now Spirit and are still indestructible.  They, have just chosen to shine brighter than us standing on the Earthen plane and one day, you will make that transition as well.  You may not know how, or when, but you are assured this journey.

As an outsider to the emotion of constant Grief, there is no judgement on how you decide to handle this emotion.  I dare not to say, “I know how you feel.”  That would be rude.

I just want to finish by saying, I love you and write this message today REMINDING you, they still live on an Grief is not your enemy.  In fact, allow Grief in.  It is the best thing you can do to for now as you are pressed into the life you now have.

My heart shines bright for you so that you find an abundance of peace and light.  And, should the day come, where I finally can understand this boundless emotion called Grief, that your compassionate heart would see me in the same way I see you.  A priceless adornment of strength fit for a Queen or King.

May you have much Joy and Happiness in your Long Suffering.  You certainly have earned  it!

Be Well.


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