“The Letter H. Raising The American Flag When It Comes To Happy!”

Happy Horse1


Well, I dunno?  Have you?  Have you arrived at the most coveted of feelings, aka……Happiness?  If not, then stick around and maybe I can help define this “★★★★ Star Emotional General” in the manner which our country intended.  USA established the preamble for the United States of America for every citizen to measure their “happiness” factor by.  Ok.  Are we there yet?   

“We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Ok, Happy is not mention but the insinuation sure the hell is!  This paragraph should be posted at every stop sign, school house, church house and homeless shelter erected in our country as an intense reminder that WE, have the right, to be Happy.  There is no way, you should live in the most diverse and evolving civilization on the planet and not find Happiness when this was the intent of our forefathers establishment.  Right?

Happy or Happiness is defined by Google in the following ways………

  1.  delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing:  to be happy to see a person.

      2.      characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy or a happy mood; a happy frame of mind.

3.  favored by fortune; fortunate or lucky:  a happy, fruitful land.

4.  apt or felicitous, as actions, utterances, or ideas.

5.   obsessed by or quick to use the item indicated (usually used in combination): a trigger-happy gangster. Everybody is gadget-happy these days.

Now, for the purpose of this message, look again at #3.  Favored by fortune, lucky, or a happy, fruitful land.  Hum………………this surely is what our status in life is all about.  Well, instead of taking this blog in a negative direction, today, it makes me Happy, to accent the positive so let me explain what it means to ME, to be Happy.

I, am more geared toward defining Happiness as definition #2.  The state of Mind.  Because I see that Happiness is MY choice.  And as nice as it was for my uncle to give me hope for prosperity and fortune by way of the “people speech” something is still lacking……..I KNOW that things in life are going to cause shit to stir at any given moment but, when I launched these “project me” projects a few years ago, I allowed “Happy” to rule and govern my journey and so far, this general emotion has not failed me yet.

It was after facing years of turmoil and bondage in the form of “unhappiness” that I decided to turn around and fight unhappinesses from the other side.

Why fight for happiness?  

Shouldn’t it just “come” to us without fighting “for” it?

For some yes.  For some people, they are skilled enough to look at life as a simple little process and all they have to do is show up and everything works out for them.

They are not the norm.  But those happy little aliens exist.  In some way, natually happy people, with their internal conditioning, are never phased and they live on Cloud 9 Happiness with no worries, no frustrations and most of the time, no debts.

They are what I would call the “gliders.”

But I am more of a gladiator when it comes to holding onto my place in the Rainbow. 🌈

As a class rate American “city-zen”, my life hasn’t been horrible but I have been exposed to very resistent mental challenges.  Like high levels of stress really.  Mega-levels.

My excessive stressors (mostly self inflicted) and mental challenges are certainly “workable” but how do we susceptible one’s (empath’s) take on all of the blame for those dark experiences which plague us, and consume our Happy with no apologies?  It all depends on the willingness to keep your Happy.  Yup.  Fight to BE Happy.  Some of us just have to do it that way.  We ARE Warriors.

But for some reason, by these counterproductive experiences that we empathic American’s become “challenged” to hold onto real happiness.  Our right to cultural happiness according to the “preamble” wanes when we are exposed to excessive exposure in these social areas:  (Empath’s Pick Up On Planetary Disruptions Naturally).

  1.  Racism.  This is term is self explanatory but the growing social hatred is unexplainable and unacceptable.  We really could stop this trend if we wanted to.  But we don’t.  We feed it.  Stealing Happiness from Others unlike us.  Vampires!
  2. Political Wars.  Coming from a country that destroyed more male lives between the year 1861-1865 than we can count, we see such hatred coming from our own governmental parties and yet, behind the scenes they all laugh and dance and sing toasting glasses of wine and Bourbon.  They are appearing happy to serve us after hours and become a WONDERFUL part of the solution. Puke.
  3. Unfair Wages.  I understand that the fast food industries, retail markets and industrial economics has to be able to speed their revenues in ways to secure enough jobs to support the working “masses” but since the industrial revolution started in 1760 and ended sometime in 1840 or 1860, where is it that we have not figured out how to revive the preamble? When is government and big corp going to quit  all the nonsense by funding excessive amounts of welfare? (And I mean excessive amounts…….and can I tell you, I do NOT see happiness in the eyes of those receiving welfare.  it is just not there).  But I do see, jobs available and when you are happy and willing to do what you need to to survive, your attitude takes you a long way.  And if there was some form of measure to see working humans as valuable, we may see some serious change.  Some of the most amazing rags to riches stories are out there.  I mean come on…..look at Oprah and yes, she does give a lot away.  She makes an effort to showcase others and thank  them for being themselves and being happy.  It is all about how we are REALLY treated when we serve and work.  Then we may WANT TO GO TO WORK EACH DAY verses mooching off the government welfare system and stay high.  Just sayin’
  4. Excessive Taxation-I am happy to share my portion with the state to fund schools, roads, public transportation, elderly care, (if they cannot care for themselves but)………I do not think we give out enough resources to live happy and healthy in the first place and that is the problem.  It is not dispersed properly.  It is proven that geriatric massage, art therapy, pet therapy and music therapy stimulates nerves and muscles even in the elderly and sick.   Have you seen an old person dance?  Have you ever gotten a massage after a stressful week?  It is a game changer.  But insurance won’t cover it and if it did, the LMT would get a portion of the money.  A SMALL portion.  Have you ever seen a humble man playing in the park with his family and throwing ball with his dog.  Well, if he doesn’t have that dog tagged, he gets a ticket.   WTF?  Is he driving the dog?  I am fine with shots but a tag?  That is bull!
  5. Yes, more on taxes.  Have you noticed if you buy and sell a car in the same you you pay sales tax and property tax (the full amount) on the car you sold and the car you bought even if you owned the old car one day.  They are double taxing us on property taxes.  There are a few other good reasons for taxes like clean water and flushing our toilette knowing that the poop is being cared for properly.  But excessive taxes make me unhappy and it is hidden behind a lot of other stuff.    THIS DOES NOT LINE UP WITH THE PREAMBLE.  This takes away from my American Happy.

By now you are probably thinking I have reverted back to griping about unchangable social issues and not keeping to the program by inserting my social opinions about how I view Happiness, but you see………..

Happiness did not come easily for me.  Jokingly, I am jovial, excitable, whitty and upbeat in public spaces, but when I am alone, that is when, my thoughts flood my experience and I must use the proper tools to combat monkey mind.   For most of my life, it was about living the American Dream.  But my American Dream does not look like yours, nor yours mine.  However, we are still facing the same global challenges that “tax” our ability to confidently approach true happiness.   We are our own worst enemy and no one is going to help us along.  Especially not society!

I haven’t told a lot of people this so here goes.  Years ago I was diagnosis as a manic depressive and possible bi-polar.  I was extremely suicidal most of my middle school and high school years because people made fun of me all the time.  Then through low self esteem and a need for acceptance, I was medicated to shut off my feelings and for much of my late 20’s and early 30’s, in order to handle the dysfunctional mental breakdowns I became a work-a-holic.   But even then,  I felt I never added up to much and by the time I was 38 years old, I said FUCK all that, this is all my doing and no one is going to make me happy!   I have to get control of my emotional patterns and figure this out now!    I choose to look for real happiness by listening more closely to my patterns and I had to be willing to face my demons!  And boy did I take the bull by the horns!  8 seconds my ass!  More like forever!

I realized I had a terrible case of Monkey Mind (mind control) and it was the #1 killer of my internal Happiness.  “Your not good enough.  Your too fat.  You don’t have enough Money. Your Job is A Dead End Life Suck.  You will NEVER be a writer, actor, singer, dancer, MOVIE STAR!”  (Kid dreams right?  Well, I got you there because I AM a Movie Star now!  I have Facebook)!

Monkey Mind is this BIG opposing gladiator that will try to slice through your external covering to test you on how you are really doing and will you make it another day?   And if you ask someone how they are and that someone says to you in a stale tone, “I Am Fine” then that is a key indicator that Monkey Mind is speaking and they really don’t know who they are anymore.  People that say that, are not happy.

Monkey Mind carries piercing thoughts of “what if, if only, and why me?”  These words are Happy Day mashers every stinkin’ time!

They are the instincual monkey’s always comparing themselves to the status quo and are deadly all happy factors.   (As Primal as the root can get.)  Me!  Me!  Me!  Selfish and unproductive thoughts.  They are mean, nasty and disruptive.  Do you have a monkey on your back American?

Hey, in my final thought, and since the preamble was set us for us to believe it is every American’s right to pursue happiness, well then in my opinion, happiness becomes a matter of capital gain.  And I am Happy, today, to say, I have Happy in my mental bank account.  Yesterday, I had happy too.  Tomorrow, most likely, I will still have Happy to deposit.   It is the best GNP money can’t buy so take that all  you bad people!  I am still here!

Has someone or something taxed you to the point of unhappiness?  Address it.  Draw your Sword to Fight for it and Swing.  If you need clinical help, then get it but chances are, Happiness is not going to come in the form of a pill but is being eaten by a Gorilla or something.  But try anything to just “get ya some.”

What do you really have to lose?



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