Restore Emotional Intelligence Today During Christmas!


Imagine!  In just 24 Hours most of us will be sitting at home or at someone’s home, celebrating Christmas.  We will be sipping eggnog, listening to Uncle Tom’s version of how he shot a rabbit down from a tree with a ratty old Musket.  And, by the time all the kids arrive with their new century iPhones and plastic virtual reality headsets, the turkey will be cold and Granny Potter will be napping next to Sharpie, your brother-in-law’s toy Yorkie.

Or maybe, your that guy that really does want his wife to know he loves her while he hap-less-ly walks the isles of the big box store searching for those warm fuzzy socks she always sleeps in.  If he is lucky, he will remember that her favorite perfume is really cheap and he will find a “B” rated bottle sitting very alone on the shelf next to the mac-a-roni and cheese, the ultimate staple of traditional family Christmas Dinner.

In either case, whether you prefer to be alone on Christmas Day or with a huge bunch of family, emotionally, Christmas Day can be difficult especially for those who have high E.Q.’s.

What is E.Q.?  Emotional Quotient measures heavy and quite frankly translates “empath.”  But, I have great news!  There is hope for those ’empathic” family members who have been handling the increase of community emotion when it comes to holiday’s and tradition.  Those with a lower E.Q. may be running about the hall’s and mall’s of this season’s adventures and be frantically buying gifts for “one more person” realizing home made is best.  Those with a lower E.Q. may not understand that other people’s emotions are typically hidden during the holiday’s for Fear of some type of emotional family confrontation or that one person may be missing another person to have and to hold, by way of death, divorce or just plain ol’ distance.

And then their is the whole scheme of discussing politics, bank accounts and market successes with your companion’s new boss, Marvin, who was invited to the party.  The wealthy family may be holding a glass of wine in a cheer for another notch on the stock exchange while their cousin, Ester, is eating mixed vegetables from a can this year, hoping their last drop of savings holds them over until Feb. 1st.  (When people start spending money again).  So what does Ester do?  She wishes for a financial rebound and she trusts in the path of her Emotionally Intelligence and wills for other’s to realize the too, have E.Q. and will work on harmoniously expanding her horizons.

So why Emotional Intelligence?  At first glance, Ester’s lower energy centers could flare off in anger that her stock crashed this year, while Marvin, reaches 2 million in assets and annuities.  Her face could be flushed, tears could well up in her eyes, and she could drive home in hatred for someone having a happier story this year than hers.

But do you know what Ester’s got that other’s do not?  A High E.Q.!  Ester is grateful for the can opener that opened the can, that went on the stove that fed her son one more meal, that sparked the idea to do something different and smile, all the while, in the middle of her adversity.  Ester, brought Great Joy to the party, and a bit of Spiritual Enlightenment.  Ester added stock to her E.Q. when she realized that Money, was really and illusion and the Love of Money, well………….has roots that she would rather not invest in.

Christmas in America tends to be piloted by extravagant gifts, the number of lights on your house, and how many dishes you can crank out in one setting.  But we need it to be about understanding the emotions and being a light to those around you during the season of darkness.  It is in the darkest of times, where lights and candles shine so brightly.  That is the light of Christmas.

Today, we at EIT, as you to work more with your Emotional Intelligence this Christmas than your Artificial Intelligence and enjoy the upcoming articles to come in 2018.  Subscribe Today and Share with a Friend.

In The Highest Emotional Intelligence.

Eleanor Elaine Phoenix


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