“Emotional Failure Is Subject To The Measure of a Man.”

Happy Horse

What is Emotional Failure?  Usually, it is considered by the measure you measure YOUR success.  Success, meaning how much money you have and how many assets you are preserving.  Expectations leading up to measurable goals have fluid practices.  They are movable goals based on the day and the hour you in which you made the goal in the first place.

This would be good advice to those people who feel they are leaving 2017 without a positive bank note.  If you continue to show up, and they have not fired you yet, nor have you closed your doors, then you may want to look more deeply at why you would consider yourself an emotional failure in the first place especially during a holiday when no one is working.  Much.

Let’s look at environment and social mechanisms when we set ourselves up for Failure.  One family sets out a Christmas place setting for 8 and spends ten of thousand dollars on entertaining the family, only to be waking up Dec 26th to a Vodka hangover and black mascara stuck to the false eyelash on the cheek.   Another family jumps up for work not to be late so that they can make another 100 dollars for the day in hopes the light bill doesn’t fall too far behind.

The place setting for 8 included Bob’s boss Harold, who in turn got so drunk over the whole thing, he was arrested for a DUI and locked up in Louisville’s finest provisions.  Now Harold has to explain to his practice how “he knew you had drank too much” but really felt that a few blocks and some peppermint oil was the solution.  He did not feel like a failure.  He just paid his lawyer friend Tommy, to get him off the docket.  Harold has no pathway to emotional failure because his ego has the answer.

Then there is that other man (we will call him Dan) who jumped up today, realizing, that in 7 days, he has another holiday coming up and if he is lucky the boss will give him Dec 31st off a few hours early so he can pick up his kid from Day Care.  They are closing early you know. He get’s to see his baby girl early. 🙂

So which lifestyle is successful and which looks like a failure?  Emotions and “perception of feeling” are the key in understanding concepts of what drives one to a measure of success.

What drives one to drink and what drives one to keep on moving, is that Dan is excited to see his little roll cheerios through her fingers.  He is thankful he has a job.  And he loves his family so the harder times only open doors for more fun times to happen down the road.

Harold, could give a shit that Dan exists and rolls another vodka and tonic under his nose when he gets home from the infirmary.  This is the measure of a man.  In my option Dan is way more successful at winning because he is happy.  He may have to make choices that don’t appear as lucrative or expensive as Harold but at least he is happy.  He thinks life is too short.  Harold thinks his life is dragging on.   Dan has great emotional intelligence and knows he has not failed this year, and is happy to live another day!

So this year, as you close our your books, goals and measures from 2017, I want you to think about the Story of Harold and Dan.  Right now, you are probably either hung over from too much Christmas Vodka or you are getting up for work ready to drive on one more week hoping to make new goals just for the hell of it because success is always measured by the man.  Who is the true Man here and by what lot do you measure?

Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

Author.  Nom de Plum.

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