What Does the Moon and Emotional Intelligence Have In Common?

Did you know the Moon is recognized as the Element of Water and Water is recognized as the Element of Emotion?  I could stop you right there and have you scratching your head.

If the effect of the moon pulls on our tides, causing our seeds to grow, and sends brain-beater’s to the emergency room in a state of un-rest, you may want to read further.

A full moon affects people with migraines, to murders, to depression and beyond.   If you ask any charge nurse at one of the local hospitals, her sensory reports will show and increase of admitted claims during this cycle.

But what about a Full, Moon in Cancer, on a Tuesday Night in Winter?  How would that effect one astrologically? (or parasympathetically for you Science Nerds).

  1.  The Full Moon is pulling on your water body and your emotions.  You feel the strain.  You are prickly from winter’s harsh cold so you decide whether to laugh in sheer lunacy about this maddening brittle time of year, or you remark that “f” word I have been seeing all over Facebook and try and stay moving.  In either expression, is necessary always keep moving during this season.  Idea: Do some Cardio.
  2. Cancer is the astrological sign of Home and is ruled by the Moon.  So, I would speculate this bitter cold has you home more, trying to set intentions for your New Year and figure out ways to be more successful and prosperous.  The Symbol for Winter is indeed the Money Coin.
  3. The Blue Moon will return again this month on January 31st according to the Almanac.  A Blue Moon is representative of the third moon in an astronomical season. Blue is typically associated with Water, circling back to emotions and expression and if you look at the color of the Throat Chakra symbology,
  4. Blue is the color of Communication.  Writers start to write more.  Painters start to paint more, Business Owners Reset New Goals, it is a time of seed planting.  Germination is coming later, hence make some time to consider your offerings and investments under a Blue Moon is wise.  Makes one feel more in harmony with their business practices.

Are you starting to see the connection to the Moon and your Emotional Needs this time of year?  Or did I just confuse you more?  If so, I offer ASTROLOGICAL consultations at my practice.  Contact Holly Goodyear 502.322.4938 For More Information on the Moon and Your Emotions.


Emotional Intelligence is a new concept.  But from standpoint of the Farmer’s Almanac, the Moon and her gifts need to be acknowledged maybe more than most people even realize.  If you have not had the joys of reviewing the original Farmer’s Almanac then now is the time to do so.  The Original Farmer’s Almanac.  If you have not stepped outside and looked up today, well, you are missing a beautiful sight.  If you have not considered what to do about the Moon and your Emotions, then consider educating yourself about the process.  

Emotional Intelligence is a critical thinking point for our future generations who will struggle with Crop Investing and our Health and Wellness industry would do good to go back to the old days to look more into why our Emotions are so out of whack.  It’s in the numbers, the stars and the shifting tides of the Moon.


Holly Goodyear