“De-fi-eine Intelligence! The 101 for Knowing.”

De-fi-eine Intelligence!  Did you define it? Is it knowing I spelled this word wrong or is it something greater?  Is it logic or is is cosmic?

Define Intelligence.  Ok, well then let’s do.

Webster says, “Intelligence is the ability to learn or understand or to deal with new or trying situations.’

or Webster says, “The skilled use of reason.”

I like that one better. 😜

The skilled use of reason starts the moment we wake up each day and, as a therapist, I find many of my clients saying they wake up and enter into mental state of anxiety by starting their day thinking about work and that they have not finished up an explosive inbox of emails and voicemails, as well as children’s duties, doctor visits and parental aging crisis’.  Welcome to America.  You have just entered the emotional intelligence zone.

As a society we look at intelligence as something to be desired.

But what about emotional intelligence?  Do we have a society ready to talk about EI and the importance of getting in touch with our “Feelings” when it comes to being reasonable with others?  There are some people who really do live by an emotional chapter in life and it is not that they cannot cope with the frustrations of daily living, it is that emotions do have their own brain and pathway.   And if intelligence is the skilled use of reason, then emotionally, what does that look like?

Science and Technology are now coming to terms with our ability to sense emotional patterns from another person and for some, who are empathic, can genetically read someone’s sadness or depression even when no words are spoken verbally.

It is similar to American Sign Language.  An emotional language.

Daniel Goldman, Author of Emotional Intelligence, sparked the creative idea to write about emotions here on this site. Daniel, has now gone on to write a book called Social Intelligence.  He is a world known author and speaker.   I hope to continue writing on this topic and following up with my clients (and my own reasoning skills) because as a therapist, in my world, the patterns of pain, sickness and dis-ease are generally a direct result from an emotional issue.  (Eating, depression, lack of energy, or some other inflammatory invasion in our connective tissue, which stores the emotions in our body.)

If you are someone, anyone looking to learn greater knowledge on a 101 level when it comes to emotional intelligence then I invite you to follow this blog and Facebook Page and support my mission.

I hope the passion behind I present in these writings, I hope the information coming soon affects you on a positive note and also, a thought provoking emotionally intelligent note. I also ask, if you have been emotionally highjacked that you will consider a Reiki Clearing Session. ( That is a plug for therapy). 🎶

(This gal be emotionally highjacked)  Look like anyone you know?angry-woman punch

You see, we need to take back ownership of our emotions neurologically and stay in control of your standard and quality for mental health and wellness in order to have healing come in our World.

So is it Logic or Cosmic?   You tell me?  You’re intelligent right?

Holly King





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