L is for Loneliness?

L is for loneliness?  No it’s not.  It is supposed to be for Love.  Isn’t it?  But what about for those of us who have recently lost “love” in the sense of losing someone they had once loved, the letter L may not mean Love so much as it does Lonely.

Maybe the loss was a divorce, or a death, or even just a mental loneliness, when one partner moves into a different etheric realm of consciousness, and the other remains the same, the aspect of mental loneliness applies.  As many well know, you can be fully present in a room of one hundred people and still feel very, very alone.  Or, be married for 15 years and one day, wake up all alone in a sea of solitude and serpentine loneliness.

We could also say that L means loss but for this particular emotionally intelligent entry, studying the art and science behind the emotion of loneliness while we study the portrait featured here called “Solitude” by Jean Jacques Henner, is exquisite.



La Magdeleine, by Jean Jacques Henner

The woman here is exhausted and fatigued.  Bare breasted and collapsed into the nakedness of her beaten soul, leaning hopelessly into the wooden colored structure she hopes holds up her mortal forgotten spine, lest she be seen as weak and frail.  But in looking at her sea-foam rugged britches and her robust neck muscles and collarbones, I dare say, this woman was indeed a warrior.

Her flaming red hair speaks of commandment.  Her hands in her lap have a formation of some familiar masonic symbols which represent protection.  Goddess, protection.  She may even be an outcast of sea and land, representing the land of the mermaids, which are forced back to the sea unable to be with their human formed lover.

Loneliness.  Are we left in darkness and solitude only to find companionship again when the penance of karma has been paid?

To define Loneliness, without companionship, is a complicated and unpleasant emotional self giving starvation.  It feels like Isolation.

With or without “persons”, loneliness can be like an empty flower bed waiting to be sewn, or maybe a bit like a spiritual choking.  Loneliness is a loss of Air.  Communication.  Quality.  Loneliness is looking for partnership.  Partnership that will restore and revive a tired soul and see that soul for the passionate fire which it is.

But in the words of someone with a cloudy grey broken heart, who is lonely after a devastating personal loss, we can indeed rest in the hope of this one thing.

“I may choke on the restrictive feeling of loneliness for a bit while longer, but the Angels know the empathic gift of emotional intelligence is medicine for thy soul and today, it will transform me even the darkest of times.  A great Help will come.”


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