Emotions Beginning With The Letter “H”! The Happy Horny Toad!”

Well, here goes everything!  On our quest to define emotions and their place in our lives, today we are going to spotlight a very taboo emotion and that my friends is Horny!  (Although, this is more a chemical reaction to stimulus but none the less……can make us very emotional!)

The response of fans everywhere concerned about their emotional health want to hear about this “feeling” and I am just the one to tell it!  (OK, maybe just a few friends on my Facebook feed but these people matter most today!)  Emotionally Intelligent People are the most affective and productive people on the planet and I am stalling by stammering on and on and on…………so let’s get to it.  (could you tell?) 🙂

Horny is defined as of or resembling a horn, AND “informally” according to Google as feeling or sexual excitement.  Yeah buddy!  It is ironic that the first definition immediately reminds me of the shape of a ………………………..penis.  (There, I said it!)

Anatomically speaking however, emotions like sexual arousal and “horniness” actually can be explained in simple terms scientifically so for the rest of this article, I will try to be as PG rated as possible because really, we live in a society today that considers Sex very marketable and quite uncensored if you ask me.

Have you watched Youtube, MTV or The Wendy Show lately?  Yesterday, The Wendy Show featured Terrance J and his role in his upcoming movie called, “The Perfect Match” and on this video from yesterday on her website, clip 4:38 shows a very steamy moment where TJ does some seriously “hot” moves with his co-star, Cassie Ventura.

Now, until yesterday, I was so far removed from Hollywood and the latest that I had no idea who these two star peeps were, but you bet your ass, I do now!  Their steamy trailer scene made me full aware of the erotica portrayed in their new movie and this tells me there is no question, we live in a millennia where Sex is the prime mover when it comes to Hollywood and controlling our emotions.  (Has it not always been?)  But now a days, it is ON!  No sex on film, no mula’ in the producers pocket.  No reason to tune in.  It burns the question inside of me.  “Were these two actors actually turned on by the “act” or were they completely numb to “it?”  My guess, the sexual charge was there because I sure got sweaty!  LOL!

So what happens to us when we get Horny?

A chemical called Oxytocin, is released from the back side of the Pituitary gland, which is in the brain.  “The Master Gland” (the Pituitary Gland), controls our growth and entire hormone system and is a huge part of our chemical cycle.  And the hormone Oxytocin, is a chemical synthesizer which amplifies plasma formation in the body and science says that when we (ah hem…..ejaculate or orgasm), we increase the levels of plasma in our body and that my friends, is a great thing!   People get paid to donate that stuff where blood donations are typically free.  (Makes you wonder why you get paid for the white stuff?)  Getting horny is no more than a chemical “charge up” that reminds you everything is in working order.  It’s a good thing.  (but like all things………mod-er-at-tion… of sorts. It is a very POWERFUL reaction to an internal desire and you need to be educated about it.)

Plasma is a priceless element of the four fundamental states of matter and is electronically conducted.  (Check out Wikipedia’s link on the physics of this molecular structure!  It is not just about platelets and blood my friends but a pure UNADULTERATED electromagnetic universal bond!)  I though we were talking sex and semen?  Apparently not!

Damn!  My head is spinning!  Moving on………….

So, when we get Horny, it is safe to say, that the electric charge of our bodies rises to a state beyond, the usual magnetic charge, and while we wiggle in our seats trying to figure out how to handle this intense and powerful emotion, we should take a moment to get to know Chakra #2.  The Sacral Chakra.  Ah……yes………the energy body’s storage unit which controls our response to feelings and tough emotional swings such as jealousy, sensuality, intimacy and connection.

The Sacral Chakra is the 1st seat of our emotional body and it is where we learn to connect with others and that connection either develops or destroys relationships.  It also is one step above the primal red Root Chakra which is all about survival and creation.  You have sex.  You get impregnated.  You have baby.  BORING!

It is not until we rise into our second Chakra that we can tap into this amazing stored emotional energy and our glands and reproductive organs morph into their own system. The key to releasing this charge in a magical way, is unlocked “it” (sex) ONLY when you find a safe and nurturing partner to be with.  The troublesome thing is these are the areas that youth become super charged in and yet, have no real mentorship when it comes to handling arousal.  We parents just tell our hormonal young folks…….. “No!  No!  NO! NO!

And leave them starting at us confused and like…………………………

Tink 5

They don’t know what it means to feel like that!

Educate them for shit’s sake!

And I am going to say this…………!

Even as a married adult, it was not until I trusted my husband enough to ground myself down and open my heart up to him by telling him how I felt.  Even when I needed to fulfill my NEEDS!   Until I could relate to my emotions and honor them, (without being embarrassed by my body, my imperfections or my attitude), the level of arousal in my life had been limited and I lost out on a lot of great happiness.

It was when I learned how to effectively engage in a bonding martial relationship (without apologies) and became honest about everything, that our sex life exploded.

It was when we learned how to fight without injury that sex became wonderful.

It was when we learned how to laugh at life, without apology, that our partnership and sex drive increased to levels that DO NOT EXIST ON THIS PLANET!

And we have tapped into some Universal Plasma Power Plant from the cosmos, sooooooo…..this Scorpio Queen KNOWS what it is like to be HORNY!  (And at middle age, you are either lucky enough to still throw down at any moment and say YAAAAS, or you decide to give it up and just lose it).  You’re call Froto!

It is when we do not understand this powerful response to pleasure that we freak out and shut it down until it no longer begs to be nurtured.  When (healthy) arousal becomes a dirty and filthy thing and we fail to discuss it, that is when nothing works anymore.

I could not imagine having to retrieve the “power to shake the sheets”  with some weird scientific drug.   Not to mention pricy!  Ouch.  NASA should find a planet, name it Viagra and see how many aliens would be willing to walk around with a woody all day!  I bet they wouldn’t pay for it!

You see, being horny is a sweet little gift from God and a precious one at that.  Ask folks who can no longer get an erection, or in the case of women, find true happiness during sex when there is NEVR A SATISFYING orgasm?  I bet they feel they are not living their fullest life and there is some serious frustration stuck somewhere in their aura I am sure.  Check Chakra #2!  Get that mother unblocked!

Folks, as MUCH as I could go one about this topic, I have to get let you get back to your day.

But let me leave you with one profound thought on Horniness.

“It makes no matter if you kiss a frog or a prince”.

“It only matters that you are happy and you feel it.”

Clap Your Hands


The End.

Holly G.

(Disclaimers— If you have a rare medical condition that warrants taking clinical meds to stabilize an erection, then by all means, do it.  Don’t be offended at me for “poking” fun at you but I KNOW MOST of the time, this is a mental issue that started well before the Penis decided not to pop anymore so consider a session with a therapist who understands the Chakra System.)  

Just sayin’!

(And, sex should be engaged in by two consenting parties and never used as a tool to control, manipulate or abuse another person.  And since requires that you become unified in a “Plasmaticulos Way”, you may want to consider the universal tie that binds you before you engage…….)

That is all.



“Finally Finishing Out The Letter G. When Grief Is Present.”

Good Day and Happy Tuesday.   I am a little embarrassed to say, I was trying to post this article over a week ago and life just kept getting in the way.  Nothing bad, just lock, stock and barrel, busy like the rest of us.  But today’s emotion, is not one that I want to take lightly.  I have found all those emotion’s that start with the letter G, are impactful works of art and Grief is no exception.

In fact, when I asked for suggestions from readers of what to write on, Grief came more more than once.  So, without further adieu, let’s begin with compassion and conscientiousness for those that live with the presence of Grief on a daily basis.

Grief (according to Google), is defined as “deep sorrow, especially caused by someone’s death.”  Or, “trouble, annoyance.”  That second rendition of Grief, seems like a very different definition to me would you agree?   Annoyances are very adaptable.  You can usually roll with the punches and remove yourself from an annoyance or troublesome situation, pretty easily.  If you are willing to make change in some fashion, an annoying situation causing you grief, can easily be transformed.  Life goes on and you find ways to remove trouble from your daily table.

I have to first say, the losses I have experienced in my close circle have progressively been very normal.  Grandparents.  Uncles.  (although my Uncle committed suicide when I was very young so that impact was “different.”  The experience was not much more than a child hood memory because I never really got to experience him as an adult.  I was 12 when it happened so the grief I experienced was yet to be processed until I was further conditioned.  I just remember it HURT Really Badly and I cried so hard, everything else is blocked out.  Then,  I moved on.

What I have experienced are VERY close family and friendships who have lost loved one’s early on, and under very unexpected circumstances.  I have seen the grief in their eyes and my heart leaps into my throat even thinking of them and their difficulty.  There is no way I could imagine losing a child, parent or a spouse, at any point in my life, but I well KNOW it can, and eventually will happen.  With that kind of impaling Grief, the thought on how to survive, is unmeasurable.  That kind of Grief, will never completely go away.  And, the adaptability factor that a mere “annoyance” would require in comparison to the loss of a child, is peanuts I am sure.  Just thinking about how in the world Google categorized the definitions alone, blows my mind!

So, instead of trying to write this huge blog on what it feels to have Grief in your life, what I would rather do, is tell you what I see, from the outside.  I see men and women, take the time to process soooooooo many emotions and work them into a work of art.  It reminds me how natural diamonds are formed.  With the right light, a great piece of the ‘rock’  will trigger a spectrum of color which you cannot see anywhere else on Earth.


The change of light inside of a diamond, (like emotion) is fast, unpredictable and highly regarded.

The geological formation of the diamond, allows this precious jewel to withstand crushing pressure.  The term “diamond”, comes from the greek language and typically means, (are you ready for this?)…..proper, unalterable, unbreakable.  I am sure however, are those in the midst of great grief and loss, that would beg to differ, but this is truth.

You are strong.

You are still here.

Many of you that have lost loved one’s through tragic circumstances hold a torch teaching survival to us all.  Know, you are seen as the most important jewel on Earth.  You are they,  that are withstanding enormous amounts of pressure and even over time, learning to smile again.

So many of you, are coming out of your pain and finding constructive ways to channel this deep emotional partnership with Grief, because we both know, Grief will never leave your life completely.  It just will not.

It begs us to ponder, why that is?  Why does the Grief like that, never quite leave? (although it can lessen her intensity when we embrace her which is intriguing)?   I can only guess Grief holds her place this to remind you that you ARE still live.   When we feel pain of any sort, it reminds us that we are alive and that our place in the spectrum of life is not quite over.

Many people who have lost loved ones, constantly wonder where their loved one’s when they cross over.  I think this can be answered clearly if , we can just imagine them returning back to the light.

They are like the diamonds that decided to release their prism back into the universe, and like you are, they are now Spirit and are still indestructible.  They, have just chosen to shine brighter than us standing on the Earthen plane and one day, you will make that transition as well.  You may not know how, or when, but you are assured this journey.

As an outsider to the emotion of constant Grief, there is no judgement on how you decide to handle this emotion.  I dare not to say, “I know how you feel.”  That would be rude.

I just want to finish by saying, I love you and write this message today REMINDING you, they still live on an Grief is not your enemy.  In fact, allow Grief in.  It is the best thing you can do to for now as you are pressed into the life you now have.

My heart shines bright for you so that you find an abundance of peace and light.  And, should the day come, where I finally can understand this boundless emotion called Grief, that your compassionate heart would see me in the same way I see you.  A priceless adornment of strength fit for a Queen or King.

May you have much Joy and Happiness in your Long Suffering.  You certainly have earned  it!

Be Well.


2.27.15 The Letter G.”Raising The Red Flag To Combat Greed with a “Powerful” Attitude Called Gratitude!”

Have you ever been a victim of a difficult materialistic circumstance only to find that if you would have just paid “a little” more attention to common “emotional” sign posts about that “thing” which consumed you, you may have avoided a disaster like bankruptcy, divorce or even worse, self inflicted sickness?


That is where many of us end up when we live a life of greed verses more simply put, a life of gratitude.  Being ever so different and ever so important when it comes to emotional health, let’s look at how these “bad asses” work in ultimately transforming each other. (thank goodness)!

In order to best describe these two powerful differing emotions, I need to first defined them.

Greed is defined as excessive or rapacious desire for wealth or possessions.  Greedy, would then technically be likened to, someone who is excessive and rapacious when it comes to “stuff” or “things” and, though may not be always viewed as an emotion because we are usually dealing with the material realm, right?  Therefore, we stereotype greedy people by the thought that they are self absorbed and self destructive through physical  greediness.   Greed certainly becomes the leader of the pack when we tend to feed ourselves with too much “stuff” and will emotionally clog our visual drains by falsely making us think we have arrived if we become rich and famous.  But it is not always about “stuff.”

Gratitude, however, is defined as the quality of feeling grateful or thankful.  May I even say, gratitude is an amenable indebtedness to someone or something out there providing a provision on behalf of our being?  How many people say “thank God” for this or “thank goodness” for that?  But do they really understand “gratitude” on a greater level when “things” are taken away from them or they cannot pay their bills?   If Greed is the desire for rapaciousness then Gratitude is the desire to be satisfied.  Can you have stuff, and not be Greedy?  Can you have Gratitude and not have stuff?  You decide.

So how do these two opposing forces work against the grain of selfishness in order to transform one another when it comes to our emotions?  Many of us put huge value into worldly provisions when emotional I think we all agree that life is NOT really just about “having or not having stuff.”  It’s conceptual.

Greed, (which rhymes with feed) must be viewed as the chief hireling of the sin, Gluttony.  Greed is the disingenius trickster that quickly cries out at a moments notice, “There is not enough!” (You are not enough!) and only a glutton would possibly understand too much.  Greed fashions it’s grubby little paws to swindle you into thinking, that if you do not stockpile on this, that or the other, that famine will settle in and there will be a shortage in all the land of goods, services and relationships, never to be seen again. Greed breeds Fear.

Greed spiritually hones in on the Root Chakra and your primal instinct for survival and diminishes your respectful right to successfully have everything you may need and even want out of life.  Greed makes you want more and turns you into selfish consumer.

By clouding your vision when it comes to collectively sharing space with other people,  Greed, tells you than you must have the newest, fastest and shiniest of all things, cars, homes and clothes, etc out witting and out lasting other people.

Greed tells you that if you don’t not own every color sock, tie and trinket on the planet, that you are no longer winning at life and that you are a failure.  Greed, finds the most subtle way to castrate a man’s worth by placing a fear of lack against his bank account.

Greed, is even so sly, that corrals us into social settings and pits us against one anther as comparative beings.   Greed compels us to look each other look up and down before deciding to allow another person’s talents to be presented.  Otherwise we become less than another and fight to “show off” unwelcome and unannounced vanity.

Greed.  The death of all gratitude and quite possibly the death of our planet’s existence one day.

Gratitude.  Oh yes, the joy of joys!  The grace to be different and to see the unexpected capacity of another person, place or thing, and cheer them on to keep going as successfully as they can in order to provide and protect the inspiration for invention and evolution.  To have more fun!

Gratitude allows us to tell all of the world, that happiness is not about shiny objects (although you can have them through gratitude) and gratitude teaches people that it is not what you have that defines you but what you are that matters most!

Gratitude feels like a velvety soft rose and smells like one too!  Unlike greed, which stinks like a rotten cesspool of maggots and filth.  Gratitude christens all of life’s experiences with postively infectious emotion and will never smell of a foul and fake affection.  Real Gratitude and lands in the lap of Love every time and you will come out smelling like that Rose!

Gratitude has a charge of Power that Greed cannot defeat!  True Gratitude, fights against feelings of lack and is as transformative as Archangel Michael’s flaming sword, fighting against Satan on your behalf, and true Gratitude has the power to eradicates Greed’s nasty little plot to kill and destroy by thinking you are NOT living prosperously.  LIE! LIE! LIE!


Quite frankly Greed is just another form of bullying to get what you want and my friends, that is a form of terror that happens to people by the millions everyday.   (Greed=Terrorism).

Oh, and Terror (which is an BIG BAD emotion for another day) knows perfectly how get you to do what she wants you to do by insinuating that if you do not help someone else become, richer, bigger and/ or better than you are, she will use her beguiling authority as Greed’s manipulative harlot and take everything you got, save your breath!  You see the connection here when we let Greed prevail over Gratitude for other and their service, it is toxic to society?  It poisons the water hole for everyone.  Bad, Bad, Bad!

And so, I want to mention, like the signs on the beach which tell us to beware of the rip tides before entering, we should not be fooled to think that Greed and Gratitude are not fighting every moment of the day for your attention.  And there are so many other emotions criss crossing our path toward prosperity so it will do us all some good to teach, and learn, about emotions in the workplace at home and in the market. It all has to do with how you view money and material gain which drives the definition of success.

We should also, mention that Greed does not just fester in the workplace or market place where where we make and spend money.  Greed tries to come in an steal our Gratitude for life in every way.  With our new technological enlightenment, time will certainly test us to see whether or not the Gratitude we engage online in is real and is it being passed on as a cultivated skill when it comes to others?  We, are in the throws of having instantaneous gratification and we have access to information and goods every second of the day.

This my friends can be a very dangerous place for Greed to breed if we are not using the Power of Presentation properly.  For there are, greedy people who will stalk you looking for any opportunity to lunge out and take your virtual energies and steal your Gratitude for life.    I say this to you as an avid internet user because I have noticed the most challenging things we adults face is that we are ALL Greedily spending our time on the computer.

It’s kind of sad that we don’t share time with others the way we used to and it is stealing time away from families and friends.  More marital fights have been caused by the internet over the last 10 years than actually physical adulterous affairs.  And that is no joke!  So,  I am asking if you do get the opportunity today to spend real time with real humans, tell them how grateful you are for them.  If there is a human within arms length of you, smack them and say “I FREAKING LOVE YOU MAN!”

Hey, you can be Grateful for your technonics but make sure your consumption for social media, is kept in check and don’t get too wrapped up in the drama of others because it is a form technological vampirism and is as greedy as Hell when it comes to how we spend our time.

Nonetheless, if we are wise to be paying attention today and honor this new movement of Emotional Intelligence Today and share the wealth of knowledge we have at our fingertips, I assure you that Greed will not be able to plant HIS toxic seed into the heart of our Nation.   And through Gratitude and Grace, all materialistic roads will eventually lead to Home and America will become the prosperous land it was initiated to be.  The seed of Gratitude lives inside your Heart Charka at it knows what is best for you and it will direct you away from toxic emotions like Greed. But only when we pay attention to the emotional road signs that say DON’T Go There!  Don’t be Greedy!  There is always enough to go around! This is America Damn It!

With gratefulness I hope you will share this post.  Be well! 🙂



5.5.15 The Letter G. “Raising the BLACK Flag on Guilt!”

Black Flag

Good Morning and Graceful Tuesday to you all!  Today, I am raising a BLACK flag on an emotion called Guilt.  Emotionally, Guilt is the feeling of responsibility or remorse for some offense, crime, wrong,etc., whether real or imagined.   And since we are all responsible for our actions, whether they are purposed or accident, humanity requires that if you are caught in an action that displeases, harms or affects another human being in any way, (even for the good) we are all held accountable for this “butterfly effect”.  It is called Law of “cause and effect”.

Now, there are times when Guilt has it’s place of course.  Guilt is purposed to “pang” us to stop non-benefical behavior.  When we do not heed to healthy guilt, guilt will increase measurably until we listen to this pesky and possibly poisonous emotion, and make changes to the behavior/situation at hand.   When we mindlessly submit to toxic Guilty Pleasures, we end up consuming too much PRIDE, and we fall in the deadly trap Jesus warned us about.  The black flag of death raises and you have a very hard choice to make.

This unchecked guilty emotion eventually transforms into Gluttony.  You consume because you cannot release.  Gluttony, in any form, swells up to our Heart and when ignore the positive reasons for the guilt diminish and it’s deadly twin takes over.  I am not just talking about too much food or bodily consumptions really.  I am talking about the horrible feelings of needing more, more, more “things.”  When we stuff the reality that we need a little guilt to keep us in check, we eventually feel nothing.  Then we cannot stop the consumption and we emotionally bloat.   Toxic levels of guilt, get stuck right between Chakra’s 2 and 3 and need to find a way out before the Heart Chakra#4 is consumed with anxiety.  And it is only by the Heart, that we can forgive……..

So, can you forgive?  Well, what happens when we “own” our guilt and seek forgiveness?  Or, if you are the victim, what happens if you extend forgiveness and try free the other person from their guilt?  (I say TRY to free them because THEY have to receive the forgiveness).   A new birth takes place!  Joy and Love is returned to your Solar Plexus and any nervousness and anxiety about dealing with that person leaves you, forming a bright new relationship.  You see, forgiveness tears down the ugly black flag and puts up the white flag of surrender.  One of the hardest things we humans have to face is letting go of Guilt (and anger) but surrendering guilt only brings life.  Let Guilt Go!  Find a New Life of freedom and happiness.  I promise you it gets easier and easier next time you release these emotional “wrongs” into the ground!

How do I know releasing Guilt Works?  People will know if you have really forgiven them.   When we seek genuine forgiveness for many mistakes, most people will honor you.  Yes, they may be a little gun shy around you at first because Guilt always brings a lesson, but you know if you have been forgiven.  You feel it!  There will not be any stammering of words, any crude tone of voice when you talk and the encounter will be relaxed, not labored.  You can hug.  You can smile and you can share truths once again once forgiveness is set.  There are few, VERY FEW cases, in which the releasing our death grip of guilt does not apply.   If your consciousness is seared with a Hot Iron, and you are vile, manipulative and humanly cruel with some “Charles Mansion mentality” then at that point maybe you need more Guilt in your life.  (BUT I AM GOING TO SAY LOUD AND CLEAR, I HAVE NO IDEA WHERE HE STANDS ON ASKING FOR ACCEPTING FORGIVENESS SO MY COMMENT IS NOT MEANT TO JUDGE HIM.  WHAT HE DID WAS UNSPEAKABLE.  I HOPE HE HAS FOUND THE LIGHT, AND SEEKS OUT FORGIVENESS.  IT JUST MAKES YOU WONDER IF HE FELT ANY GUILT FOR WHAT HE DID).

Many offenses are not this bad.  Most generally that which bring on guilt is so mild in comparison, that we hurt ourselves by not understanding guilt’s place in our life and turn something easy into something terrible.  It is when we imagine our wrong doings are unforgivable that we fail to release our guilt and we live in shackles to it’s containment.   You will know those people because they are always saying they are sorry.  Don’t do that!!  People don’t need to be sorry ALL the time.  It is patronizing and annoying but mostly, it is sad. 😦


In closings, I am here today to share with you, that emotionally it is how you continue to handle guilt or your the perception of guilt, will be the measure of where your Personal Responsibility is defined.  Will you you hold on too tightly to this penetrating emotion and stay away from the freedom that forgiveness brings?  Or will you let the relationship heal?  Be brave and address the event at hand and then release the guilt so your personal encounters will always be full of positivity.  Rarely, the relationship is worth destroying and in the few cases where it is worth ending, you can still release both parties of Guilt with internal forgiveness.  NOT ONE OF US IS PERFECT.  Guilt is preventative and it is educational.  But too much guilt is deadly and destructive.  Knowing this, makes us all more Emotionally Intelligent Today!


Holly G.

Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they’re big, flashing signs that something needs to change”.

5.4.15 The Letter G. “Raising the Flag on GRODY! What???? Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes sir reeeee!  It is “G” week and we can find a spot to sit down just for a moment and talk about emotions right?  I mean, by now your emotional intelligence is increasing at lightening speed and by the time we get to the “Z” in our series of Alphabet Soup, we are going to have a whole book about our emotions!  And this irritation of an emotion can be a dirty little monster if we let it.  We call it feeling “Grody“!  And Grody is defined as Nasty, dirty, disgusting, foul, revolting, and yucky.  Have you ever felt like that??

Well, then let’s bring grody and all it’s nastiness to the “light.”  It may be really messy if you are someone that does not like change.  It’s like having one of those days where you shower, put on your best dress, your high heel shoes and you still don’t feel right in some area of your emotional state.  Maybe it is because you keep struggling with your weight or maybe you just had a huge fight with your partner and no matter how much perfume and lipstick you put on, you get one of those “we just got in a fight” headaches. Your Heart Chakra & your Sacral Chakra are closed tighter than the Pope’s headband!  You just feel like “poop!”  Closing up these two Chakra’s stops up our chi’ and blocks the flow of passion, well-being and joy.  Emotional grodiness is more than just some bad hair day or an argument over your stopped up toilette? It is a true spiritual blockage.  (Grody!!!)……

If you are having more than one or two grody days a week then your body is telling that you need SELF-CARE!  Emotionally, our feelings are guideposts to show us the way and even though feeling grody won’t necessarily send you into the pits of darkness right away, it is a warning sign that you need to cleanse.  Your Mind, Body and your Spirit are ONE and even if we can walk around without a shower, our good thoughts will assure us that we are natures finest creation but when our energy system locks up with too much dust and debris from lack of self-care, then grody emotions set it.  This will eventually lead to sickness and dis-ease and at some point cause us to accept dullness as normal.  You need to bring your bodily vehicle in for a check up and ask yourself, have I been running at peak performance?  If the answer is no, then here are three tips that I think will help you if you will try them!

  • Call in to work and take some much needed time off.  The work will be there tomorrow and unless you are presenting a major speech to the City Counsel, then do yourself a favor and make self-care a reality.  Some people think they cannot afford to take off a day of work but it is necessary for their healing.  The universe will make up the loss of income (if that is the case) in magical ways and if you are still afraid you will not be able to pay your bills by taking ONE day off for yourself, then call me.  I am going to squash that lie!  God always provides!
  • Get up earlier and take some time to watch the sunrise.  Our weather is PERFECT this time of year and if you live in my area, you know the full moon and the rising sun are in line with each other right now beautifully dancing around one another in morning song.  The majestic moments of Dawn will pour out her dance on your and rejuvenate you if you will quiet your mind and meditate on the coming day without judgement.  Just hear the birds, see the pinks and oranges in the sky and watch the stars and planets slowly fade into the light of day.  Are you missing this energy each day? I know some of you like to sleep until the last minute and when you do that, you really are setting yourself up for some grody opposition by not finding time for yourself and honoring the day with each sunrise!
  • Try some aromatherapy and deep breathing each day!  I kid you not, I have spend many days stressed out, feeling grody.  But I have learned to pull out my Pepperment Blue Oil or my Holy Spiknard and take a long inhale.  Then, I concentrate my thoughts on the scent only, oh how I love it and then I let out a deep exhale imagining all grodiness leaving my body as the stale breath leaves my body.  I notice most people do not give themselves permission to go “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” and blow out their stale breath forcefully.  Listen, this needs to be with force and with intent.  You can rid yourself of all that grody carbon dioxide and some of that stress you are carrying if you will practice deep breathing!!  If you are uncomfortable doing this in front of people then find a place outside and try it!!  I promise after three big “HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA’s” you will get an enjoyable head rush and since pot is illegal in KY, you can have that nice little buzz by some intentional exhales!  🙂  The oils are great too and now that I have found this cool little shop here in our city that provides oils intuitively, you can find aroma’s which will call to you and these oils will become your magical cleansers!  They are not expensive and they are indeed special!  Your emotional disinfectant will help you remove grody mental germs!  Let me know if you would like more information on them!!

Unless you are content with feeling Grody holistically, then I suggest you stop and ask yourself if you are emotionally in tip top shape?  Grody feelings don’t mind hanging out with you because in many cases, feeling grody isn’t painful enough to make major changes in our routines.  We just “deal” with it.  However, I assure you, over time, your emotional intelligence will lack “luster” and will eventually manifest in your physical body.  Like changing the oil in your car, you’ll want to get all the Grody out of your emotions.  In doing so, you will become a radiant person and people will start to ask you how did you get free from all that emotional grime?  Well, you can say in confidence, I read Holly’s Blog and I am becoming more Emotionally Intelligent Today!  🙂

Thank you!!

The gross heathenism of civilization has generally destroyed nature, and poetry, and all that is spiritual”.

5.1.15 The Letter F. “Raising the Flag on Fearless!” A Message From Above. Thank you Dalene!


Hello and Happy May Day!  For many of us, we celebrate with great emotion, the holiday Beltane.  Men and women alike, celebrate this day by dancing around May Poles, or jumping across fire pits unafraid of burning their “cookies”.  Here, in our city, we are celebrating Oaks.  The race for the Pink! Gambling and Celebrating unafraid of losing our wallets.  All in all, the day is full of exciting emotion and people are running around simply Fearless!!

So let’s talk about becoming Fearless!!  Fearless is simply defined as lacking fear.  And what are we afraid of anyway?  Many of us are afraid of discovering our inner self.  Our emotional self.  But I assure you when you decide that you will set aside all fear, and start living a fearless life, extraordinary transformation cannot help but take place.

A fearless mind will take the keys to enlightenment and start unlocking every cabinet that time has barred shut and deal with their emotions like a champion.  Let’s take just a moment and list some of the most common fears that we Contemporary American’s have.

  • Death
  • Poverty
  • Uselessness
  • Homelessness
  • Loneliness
  • Feeling Pain

I could go on and on about the things I KNOW we are typically afraid of.  But what do you think happens when someone declares victory over Fear (the opposite of Love) and decides to capitalize on Fearlessness instead of Fear.  Well, your emotions become completely controllable.  A fearless person will lack no confidence that whatever what may happen to them subjectively, they will conquer and defeat the black hole of unknowingness and walk in victory to the end of their days with fervor.

Fearless people do not obsess with the possibilities of “what may be” lurking around the corner waiting to “get them”.  They are full of Faith and Trust that their intention will be delivered to the universe for their highest good.  Fearless people accept that though the list of “scary” things does happen from time to time, it is not for them to worry, fret and fear.  You should never live life worrying about dying or having lack.  No, Fearless people become catapults for change and leadership.   And in the cases you do feel fear for right reasons, it may be that you need to avoid danger or obvious dismay.  But do not stay there.  Do not fear that tomorrow will not be better or that you will never be better.  Concentrate your mind on becoming Fearless if you want powerful emotional healing!

Taking Chances.  Let’s take it a step further.  I am standing on a Mountain Top and I am bungeed to the cliff.   You see, my greatest fear is heights and I poop my pants each time I climb up a step ladder.  But, I know that in order to be able to change a light bulb in my house, without changing my underwear, I MUST get over my fear of heights.   So, I decide to jump.  The sun is warm on my face and my awareness increases around me towards EVERYTHING.  The wind.  My Belt.  The instructor laughing with me saying that I will feel emotions like never before once I jump off of that cliff.  He assures me no one has died on his watch.  And yet, I tremble and I regret that I am going to do this, but only for a moment.  So, I freeze.  I ask myself is taking this chance on sudden death worth living a life without fear and mess?  It is.  So, I jump.  Down I go, freeing myself from fear and becoming ultimately fearless!  (Changing my shorts at the end of the ride but, Hey!  With confidence)!  I will never again poop my pants while changing a lightbulb.  You get my drift.  🙂

Fear only stays with us when we refuse to fight back, fearlessly.  And the more you allow fear in your heart, the less well you will be.  When we acknowledge the reality that all of those things I listed above, COULD indeed happen to you (and one of them will one day) but then decide you can still tell fear to take a hike, you become free to fly!

By unlocking your emotional cabinets and trust that even when you feel afraid, Fearlessness is just one step away, waiting for you to take it’s hand and jump into the land of No Fear!  It will all end up ok in the end…….  And even Joyce Meyer says “Do it Afraid!” which is where I adopted that mantra over 15 years ago and NOW, I AM LIVING IT!  I AM LIVING FEARLESSLY AND YOU CAN TOO!

Emotionally Intelligent people do not fear change.  We embrace it.  And with fearless change comes more fearless change.  It is the one progression we are tested emotionally and continually. But Fear Not!  Trust your Mind, Body and Spirit with your decisions releasing fear and enjoy your outcomes.  Emotional Intelligence benchmarks itself on the fearless chance that someday, we will live the dream we intend and be free and clear from emotional hurts and fears.  Fearless living will make you Brighter, Happier and Whole and help you to become a Legacy.

Sometimes, I change my mind about things.  Sometimes I change my thinking patterns and sometimes, well, I just have to change my shorts.  🙂 But I refuse to live in Fear and I will continue my quest for emotional intelligence, Fearlessly!  And that my friends, is what makes me Emotionally Intelligent Today.  Will you fear to join me?

Thank you,


The eagle has no fear of adversity. We need to be like the eagle and have a fearless spirit of a conqueror”!

4.30.15 The Letter F. “Raising the Flag on Flabbergasted!” An Idea From the Lovely Mrs. H!

We are rocking through our week of “F” emotions and none more surprising to us than the emotion we call “Flabbergasted!”  Flabbergasted is defined as to surprise (someone) greatly; or be astonished!

So how do we apply Flabbergasted to Emotional Intelligence?  I have to say, I am not sure! LOL!  This word comes as a such challenge to me because when I am Flabbergasted over what someone does or when something happens to me, it usually all happens so fast, I have little time to process it.  “Flabbergastedness” (is that a word?) usually comes with a bunch of other emotions attached to it.  Like Shock, Excitement, Fright, Amazement, Dumbfoundedness and Astonishment.

Flabbergasting feelings must ride on strokes of lightening.  It’s momentary application affects our breath, our blood pressure and our consciousness. The shock comes from out of nowhere and we tend to “gasp” in speechlessness until our thoughts engage and we begin process what just happened to us.

People who are right in the midst of a flabbergasting emotion do not quite know what to do next.  They were most likely just walking around, enjoying their normal day, showering, working, planting in their garden or going grocery shopping, when suddenly out of nowhere, when WHAM, comes an unexpected phone call from a long lost friend of 20 years.  Or maybe they experience a fender bender from some big ol’ Hum-V driving 20 miles over the speed limit crashing into their Ford Taurus.  Or even better, Publishers Clearing House shows up with your check for $50,ooo and a bunch of Red Balloons congratulating you on your winnings!  Yes, that would cause place for some serious flabbergasting emotions!

So, what do we do next?  When the leftover emotions of flabbergast wear off and we are left standing around in amazement and all eyes are upon us.   This is when people are expecting some type of reaction from us based on the previous unexpected action.   So, do we laugh? Do we cry?  Do we yell at them in anger for scaring the dickens out of us with no fair warning?  Or do we slow down, taking back our breath and evaluate this surprise innuendo and say to ourselves, “This is quite the moment for learning.”  That is usually NOT the case……..

But what do we really do when flabbergasting emotions are not so “fun” and “exciting?”  When someone passes away unexpectedly.  When we find out our spouse had cheated on us, and/or when you realize you have become a victim of identity theft and your entire bank account has been wiped clean while each of your bill collectors call you insatiably wanting money.  These are life’s challenging moments when we are really put to the emotional test and it is not as simple as just finding some cute little “toy” in the bottom of your cereal box kinda reaction.  Life becomes complex, and emotionally draining and sometimes it seems it is just impossible to move on.

For these painful cases of “Flabbergastedness, we need to reprogram ourselves just to be able to survive.  (The Root Chakra-Number 1-Color Red).  Our entire endocrine system will be affected by this kind of shock and the pain and hurt over unexpected loss is not cured overnight.  Every Chakra in our body is in jeopardy of closing.  Survival becomes a painful process. Any thoughts of rebuilding our emotions and our physical being are far from our mind.   There are no right answers, only time.  There are no real fixes, only broken emotional fences to mend and to re-set.  And in times of great loss, it is when we need Emotional Intelligence more than ever.  This is why we share and our quest for Emotional Intelligence comes with any and every kind of example you can think of.  From happy, to sad to funny to mad and regardless of which, we need to work to raise our EQ so we can live our highest best in times of great surprise.

General Society today is struggling to offer clear advice on how to raise our EQ, but we are making headway.  But you have to be open minded and willing to acknowledge that we are made up of emotions and address them, one by one.  I challenge you today to ask yourself, what do you do when you are blindsided with an event that you never expected, good or bad, and you are not prepared to face it?  You keep following us.  It will help you become more Emotionally Intelligent Today!

In Love,


I do say things that I think will shock people. But I don’t do things to shock people. I’m not trying to be the next Tupac, but I don’t know how long I’m going to be on this planet. So while I’m here, I might as well make the most of it”.